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In modern times we have come to see a polarity between evolution and creation. Either you accept one or the other. Yet, at the time he was penning his pivotal On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin saw God as the “First Cause.” Even as he was putting forth the theory of evolution he saw God as the Creator. It was not until much later in his life he declared himself to be an agnostic (and even then he did not deny God’s existence).

His early thinking matches well with what the Quran tells us—that God is the

…One who created you, designed you, and perfected you. (Quran 82:7)

He creates and shapes. (Quran 87:2)

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These verses, along with others, indicate that God creates and then perfects or shapes—good descriptions of evolution. Other verses show that this same progression of creation and perfection, i.e. evolution, exists throughout creation. (See Quran 32:7 and 79:28.)

In truth, if you believe that God is indeed Omnipotent and Omniscient, as both the Bible and the Quran indicate, then thinking of evolution as a divinely guided process makes perfect sense. So there is not necessarily a conflict between evolution and creation. Once that obstacle is removed, there is no longer a conflict between science and faith for many.



Indeed a large percentage of the most critical scientific discoveries were made by scientists who had strong personal faith, among them Galileo , Copernicus , Francis Bacon, Gregor Mendel and Albert Einstein, to name just a few.



For scientists like this there is no conflict between science and faith. In fact, Einstein is reported to have commented: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” (Ralph Keyesr, The Quote Verifier, 51)

And in keeping with our focus on the Quran, we find there are an unexpected number of scientific facts that were stated in that book over 1400 years ago. This was during the time when Europe was deep in the Dark Ages.


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Below is an abbreviated list of some of these facts, and a link to more information if you are interested:

•The earth is egg-shaped (Quran 39:5, 79:30).

•The earth is not standing still; it moves constantly (Quran 27:88).

•The sun is a source of light, while the moon reflects it (Quran 10:5, 25:61, 71:16).

•The proportion of oxygen diminishes as we climb towards the sky (Quran 6:125).

•Elemental Iron did not originate in our solar system. (It Forms in the core of White Dwarf Supernovae. – Quran 57:25).

•The "Big Bang Theory" is confirmed (Quran 21:30).

•The "Expansion of the Universe Theory" is confirmed (Quran 51:47).

•The universe started out as a gaseous mass (Quran 41:11).

•The man's seminal fluid decides the baby's gender (Quran 53-45-46).

•Life as we know it is dependent on water (Quran 21:30, 24:45).


More information: http://proofofgod.googlepages.com/scienceprovinggod


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